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Our Barabbas Experience Podcast

Welcome to the Barabbas Experience, the ultimate podcast on E-commerce and Logistics, brought to you by Barabbas Market Hub. Join us as we dive into the latest insights and trends shaping the dynamic worlds of E-commerce and Logistics. Through engaging interviews with industry experts, we deliver valuable knowledge that resonates with professionals and enthusiasts alike.

As part of Barabbas Market Hub’s commitment to providing innovative solutions in logistics and E-commerce, our podcast serves as a platform to share our expertise and keep our audience informed and ahead of the curve.

The Barabbas Experience covers a wide range of topics in E-commerce and Logistics, including supply chain management, online retail strategies, fulfillment, digital marketing, and much more. We explore the latest trends, best practices, and emerging technologies driving success in these industries.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional seeking industry news or someone eager to learn more about the world of E-commerce and Logistics, the Barabbas Experience offers valuable insights for everyone.

Join us on the Barabbas Experience podcast and embark on a journey of knowledge, staying informed about the latest trends and gaining a competitive edge in the E-commerce and Logistics landscape.

Latest Episodes

The Future of Packaging

The Future of Packaging GUEST_ BRANDON FRANK

In this interview podcast episode, Ivo Adamu speaks with Brandon Frank, CEO of Pacific Packaging Components, about the future of packaging. Brandon is an industry expert with years of experience in the packaging industry, and his insights provide valuable information about the trends and innovations that are shaping the industry’s future.

Overall, this interview podcast provides valuable insights into the future of the packaging industry and the trends that are driving its evolution. Brandon’s expertise and experience make this episode a must-listen for anyone interested in the packaging industry or involved in packaging design and production.

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Differences in Brokerage in the United States and Mexico

Differences in Brokerage in the United States and Mexico

In this Jupiter SCM First interview podcast episode, host Ivo Adamu speaks with Carime Duck, a seasoned Customs Broker with over a decade of experience in both the United States and Mexico. Carime runs a Customs bonded warehouse and Customs House Brokerage (CHB) in Tijuana (MX) and San Diego, California, and is a licensed Customs Broker in both countries.

The discussion centers around the differences in brokerage between these two neighboring countries. Carime sheds light on some key facts about the different approaches to Customs brokerage in Mexico and the United States. 

Firstly, she notes that in Mexico, the burden is on the broker, whereas in the United States, it is on the importer. This means that in Mexico, Customs brokers are responsible for ensuring that all necessary paperwork and procedures are followed correctly, whereas in the United States, the importer must ensure compliance with Customs regulations.

Another key difference is the way duties and taxes are paid. In Mexico, they are paid at the time of entry, whereas in the United States, they are paid separately from IRS taxes. 

Carime also highlights that in the United States, a Customs National permit allows Customs brokers to file entries in 50 states and Puerto Rico, whereas in Mexico, a broker is only permitted in a maximum of four ports.

Finally, Carime explains that Mexico has a 100% inspection rate of all goods, whereas inspections in the United States are either random or targeted, with less than 5% of imported shipments being inspected.

Overall, this podcast episode provides valuable insights into the differences in Customs brokerage between Mexico and the United States, and will be of interest to anyone involved in international trade between these two countries.

Shopify Vs Amazon – How do you decide which one to use?

Shopify Vs Amazon – How do you decide which one to use

Join us as we compare two of the most popular E-commerce platforms, and You’ll find out which one to go for depending on your needs.

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Emerging technology in logistics and supply chain management.

Emerging technology in logistics and supply chain management

In this episode, we shall delve into the latest technological advancement and their  impact on the logistics and supply chain  management industry.

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Last Mile Optimization: The Ultimate Guide for Smooth Deliveries

Last Mile Optimization_ The Ultimate Guide for Smooth Deliveries

Join us as we delve deep into the world of last-mile delivery optimization. We shall be looking at the challenges of last-mile delivery and discussing practical ways for optimization.  From route optimization to real-time tracking, we explore the latest technologies and strategies for streamlining the final leg of the delivery journey. 

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E-Commerce Strategy: The role of Logistics and Fulfilment E-commerce.

E-Commerce Strategy_ The role of Logistics and Fulfilment E-commerce

Join as we dig deep into the crucial role of logistics and fulfilment in the success of e-commerce as well strategies to improve on logistics and customer fulfilment for the success of e-commerce.

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